As we all know, there were no gigs, movies, theatre, or shows of any kind on in the city because of the Covid-19 crisis, and this lead to the poster sites around the town lying completely blank and giving off the impression of a desolate city.
This was uninspiring for the city; it was so dull and reminded us of how much we were losing right now culture-wise. How many movies we couldn't see, how many gigs we couldn't go to, how many memories we weren't making from these shared cultural experiences. 
As a result, Anthony Remedy, Corina Gaffey, and Naomi Gaffey initiated The Positive Space, a city-wide exhibition, that turned those negative, blank spaces into something positive, and encouraging. We asked a selection of Irish photographers from around the world to come together and provide an image that inspired them, and in turn, that would galvanize the city. 
The aim was to bring some joy to people's lives amongst all this, as well as promoting Irish creatives. The Positive Space secured almost 500 sites throughout the city for the duration of the exhibition and had a stellar line of up of fine art, fashion, and documentary photographers onboard. 
With thanks to IPA, We Do Printing, Mariane Picard, Ed Coombe, and for all those who contributed to making it happen. 
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